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About Alan Montanaro

Alan Montanaro is an actor who lives in the island of Malta. Alan is mostly famous for his work in theatre, as he writes and participates in theatrical performances (mostly plays, musicals and panto’s) on a frequent basis. We have helped him build a personal blog,


We have built the whole system into WordPress, in order to let Mr. Montanaro make changes himself (or through any Media Agency) throughout the lifecycle of this website.

Having a website which is useable on mobile is very important. We’ve built Alan’s site with a ‘Mobile First’ approach, in order to make sure that we are there for users who use the web from their mobile devices.


Using a list of fine list of WordPress Plugins, we have also managed to achieve a ‘perfect score’ on GTMetrix, as highlighted by the screenshot below:

Google PageSpeed Tools also gave this site a thumbs up, rating Alan Montanaro’s Blog at 95% (Good) on Desktop, and 85% (Good) on Mobile. Further optimizations would have compromised the site’s “look-and-feel”, and we at Ridivi have decided that this was the perfect compromise.


Nowadays, security is of utmost importance. We have secured this website with SSL, provided by Let’s Encrypt. This ensures that all data is transferred over HTTPS and encrypted, making sure that nobody can listen in on connections and intercept the CMS (Content Management System) password, for example.


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